Upgrading our HVAC

Since last spring, my wife and I have been living in our modern lake house.

It took us a long time to decide where both of us wanted to live, but once we chose a modern lake house it was perfect for us.

We have two kids both under seven years old so both of us had to keep that in mind while we were picking our modern home. Not everything in the lake house was perfect when we moved in through, and we knew that a huge deal of work would have to go into the lake house to make it a comfortable home. Now after a year of renovations in the lake house, everything is just about complete. The last thing on our list is to have the heating and cooling method replaced. Both of us need a modern Heating and Air Conditioning method very badly and I knew that when we closed on the house. I called a local Heating and Air Conditioning dealer to come out and evaluate our heating and cooling method and provide us some pointers on what we needed to have done first. The lake house was built several decades ago and I don’t think the heating and cooling method has been replaced since the original Heating and Air Conditioning installation. I am excited to work with the Heating and Air Conditioning dealer in designing our perfect heating and cooling system. I guess this will be a fun modern project for my wife and I to take on together. It is different from anything both of us have ever done before. We are both excited to get started!

Cooling technician