Using a Fireplace to Heat

Last winter, out furnace failed around Christmas.

  • Both of us were all planning on celebration the family at our lake house that year, usually, all of us would celebrate at our parents lake house however our spouse and I had just bought our first home… The lake house would be perfect for hosting our traditional family Christmas brunch, then days before Christmas, our furnace went out.

Both of us were rushing around neighborhood to find any Heating and A/C service shop that was open and could help service our heater. Both of us had no luck. Both of us decided that all of us would be able to use our fireplace to keep the lake house warm, and in preparation for our family to come over for the holiday, all of us had to stock up on plenty of firewood for the fireplace. Both of us also bought a portable electric gas furnace for the powder rooms. Both of us had no complaints about out furnace being broken during the holidays! Both of us were easily delighted to spend our first Christmas in our current new home around our enjoyed 1s. It was only a day after Christmas that all of us were able to get an Heating and A/C contractor out to take a look at our system. It was a quick service and it was not as overpriced as all of us imagined, and afterwards, all of us decided to utilize the fireplace instead of turning the heat on. This way is much more energy efficient. Both of us also prefer sleeping with the fan on and the window cracked, so it’s not enjoy all of us would be freezing. It was a great Christmas for all the people and all of us system on doing it again next year!

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