Using my skills to help

With tons of things going on in the world, I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors good in my backyard; I am stuck at home and I can’t do tasks for the foreseeable future, so I am doing my best to improve my mindset by being out in nature.

It really is amazing to stand outdoors and listen to the birds instead of being jammed in a dark little room.

I am getting so comfortable and regular with parking my rear end on the back porch and now working on the laptop that I can’t even imagine sitting inside with artificial air anymore. I’ve been spending a lot of time out here, because it has become my current yearly routine. Anyways, I am so used to being outside that my neighbors air conditioning unit became background noise after some time had gone by. There was constantly a gentle humming and knocking sound coming from his backyard where the A/C condenser sat, then one random friday afternoon, I quit hearing this sound and I knew there was a problem with his cooling idea immediately. I went over to his house and sure enough, he told myself and others that the A/C had stopped now working early in the middle of the night. He couldn’t afford a current air conditioning idea and he was sad about the coming heat of the warm summer months. I did not want my acquaintance to be in danger of overheating, so I started a Go-Fund-Me to raise money for a current A/C system, however within a week the neighborhood had purchased him a brand current cooling idea and he was back to living a comfortable life. I felt great knowing that he would be safe and cool all summer, and I could go back to now working with the racket of his A/C in the background.



Air conditioner tune-up