UV light is used to purifier plus sanitize air as it passes through your HVAC system

It was spine-chilling being at the hospital last week.

Although my state isn’t thought to be a sizzling zone right now with virus infections, I have been told by everyone I assume to avoid the hospital at all costs.

It’s strenuous to do that when your disabled mother has to be admitted to the hospital after a series of back injuries causing fractures in her spine. She had to get imaging done of her entire body, plus now she’s in a limbo phase where they’re trying to see if she can heal on her own, or if she needs surgery. Sadly, the surgery could be fatal or result in paralysis. Even if it is successful, the cement put into the vertebrate will cause others near it to crack with time. The question then becomes whether or not you get the surgery plus risk getting worse in the long term to get better in the short term, or if you wait plus do as much physical therapy as possible to try plus heal on your own. Thankfully she’s no longer in the hospital, however the two of us have taken some precautions in case either a single of us caught the virus while the two of us were at the hospital. We obtained plus installed 2 UV light air cleaners that contain HEPA filters plus carbon filters. They scrub plus sanitize indoor air from nearly any contaminant you could throw at it. They’re good in trapping harmful airborne particles plus preventing them from getting sucked into the central HVAC program where they get recirculated throughout the house. Even after we’ve gone a few weeks without symptoms, we’re really going to use these air cleaners for years to come.


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