Vacation comes with extraordinary HVAC

So I’m still not accustomed to the Air B&B thing.

But after this past experience, I have to say that I’m getting on board for sure. Normally, when we go on vacation, we stay in a hotel. And that has been problematic at times given that I really like to have good heating and cooling where I’m lodging. Too often, I’ve had to deal with HVAC equipment that just didn’t get it done. I’d come back to the room after being out all day only to find the air conditioning was completely overwhelmed. That’s not a great situation when you’re paying someone for proper HVAC comfort. But things sort of changed up due to the pandemic. Of course during all of 2020, we weren’t able to go on vacation as we were stuck at home in the air conditioning safety of our house. But this past summer, we got back to enjoying a well deserved vacation and we rented a vacation house. While it was just a bit more than what we would have spent at the hotel, it really was worth it. The privacy and space were great. But the air conditioning was just off the hook. Not only was the HVAC equipment exceptional, there was also zone controlled HVAC in the house as well. I was able to dial in the thermostat in our bedroom to the comfort level that my wife and I enjoy the most. And that didn’t mess up the rest of the house or put the kids out. So while this was our first vacation house, I think future vacations will go this way as well.