Ventilation fans help spread the HVAC air flow

I like when confusing problems are solved with the easyst of solutions.

This is a single of the things that easily makes me smile.

And that’s because I tend to be a single of those people who make a challenge into a complex problem. I wish I didn’t however that seems to be my nature. I’m sort of a default over thinker I suppose. When it came to an HVAC puzzle in my house, I leapt to all sorts of other conclusions when the easy fix was right in front of me. When all of us bought our house, it didn’t take long to notice that a single of the rooms was not getting the same amount of HVAC comfort as the others. Initially, this was to be my oldest daughter’s room however ended up being a hardly ever used guest room. This room was too cold in the Wintertide plus too overheated in the summer. I of course went the route or an HVAC problem plus that all of us were sold a poor HVAC unit. It was the only explanation that made any sense to me. My husbandy told me to relax about it since it only effected a single room. But of course, I couldn’t let it go. So I had the HVAC people come out to test plus inspect the HVAC system. After a thorough inspection of both the proposal plus our house, the HVAC tech said it wasn’t the HVAC. That just couldn’t be! He told me that there were some interior walls added after the HVAC was initially designed. The HVAC tech told me it was an easy fix using room to room ventilation fans to transport the air around more evenly. Well, of course it was that easy.

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