Very happy with the boiler system installed in my home

My house is outfitted with a boiler heating system.

Living in the northeast, this type of heater is the perfect solution for our severe weather.

The boiler is a hydronic system which means that it uses water to move heat energy. By comparison, a furnace uses air to transport heat and there are a ton of drawbacks. The air carries all sorts of contaminants, such as dust, bacteria and mold spores. The air moves through a duct system, picking up allergens and then introducing them into the breathing air. Plus, heat naturally rises. As the hot air pours from the vents, it immediately rises up toward the ceiling. A boiler uses a series of pipes that are concealed beneath the floors and inside walls. Hot water travels through the pipes and connects to baseboard heaters located around the perimeter of the rooms. The heat is infused into the air which creates a very gentle and even comfort. There are no drafts, cold spots or unpleasant stratification. Because of this, I’m able to set lower thermostat settings and trim monthly heating costs. It was easy to adapt the system to zone control, which provides even further cost saving potential. I like that the boiler operates quietly and requires hardly any maintenance. With little more than annual maintenance from a professional HVAC contractor, the boiler operates reliably year after year. Another benefit of the boiler is the versatility. We use our boiler to supplement our water heating needs. It also links to a snowmelt system hidden beneath the driveway. The snowmelt system starts up automatically when the temperature dips below a certain point and keeps the driveway perfectly clear.

Propane boiler