Veterinary procedures are done faster with efficient air conditioning

The air conditioning was still at full blast

I was privileged to have been part of a veterinary medical mission in our state. The mission concentrated on the smallest towns. My group was composed of only 2 veterinarians and 3 veterinary technicians. As a vet tech, it was my responsibility to keep the animals comfortable and assist the vet. When we arrived in town, we were directed to set up in the town’s multi-purpose hall. It was a closed structure and when we entered, all I saw was one huge industrial fan. Considering the people we expected to come, I knew that the fan would only circulate warm air as it was summer. The moment we were ready to accept patients, the mayor arrived. She apologized for being late because she also had to prepare her dogs. She ran to the back and turned on the air conditioning units. They were on full blast. A few minutes later, the entire space was comfortable enough. The cooling system was running efficiently. The mayor said she always had two men to see that the air conditioners were well-maintained. When the patients arrived, they sat patiently in one area and waited for their names to be called. Because of the air conditioning, the surgeries and treatments were done more quickly. The animals recovered from their sedation smoothly because they were comfortable in the air conditioned recovery area. Before we all packed everything, the mayor said we should stay for a couple more hours because she arranged for us to have dinner with her at the same venue. The air conditioning was still at full blast. It was good to relax in a space with a functioning cooling system. It was a small town, but the mayor was hospitable and considerate about the facilities. Taking great care of the air conditioning system in the multipurpose hall was proof of that.
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