Visiting the beach condo again

I’ve been going to see the same beach home for over many years! My family plus I enjoyed the destination so much that we said we’d never go someplace else for our annual beach trip ever again, but the home was right on the water and it was easy to get around during the nights.

The owners of the home have constantly been kind and courteous with us, which has made our experience all the more great, and when it was time for us to visit the home again this summer, we packed up our things and expected our experience to be a replica of all the summers before! As we were unloading our things, I went to turn on the a/c because it was unusually hot inside.

After everything was unpacked, I realized that it didn’t feel any cooler plus there was no cool air coming out of the air vents. I fumbled around with the thermostat, but nothing was turning the a/c on. We couldn’t rent a place that didn’t have any a/c, so I called the owner. As usual, she was kind and courteous and recommended that I power off the entire heating and air conditioning idea for thirty minutes and then restart it! Other guests had been experiencing issues like this all summer and this trick seemed to be working. We did as she said, plus we waited for the air to kick on. Thankfully, the a/c did come back on and we didn’t experience any other concerns with the unit during the rest of our trip.

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