Waiting for the local supplier

Life occasionally requires patience, particularly during situations like this where both our water and power are out.

The power and water to the entire street were accidentally cut off by some women working outside, and I am sure this has not made people too happy.

Despite the fact that I advised her to wait because she would have to open the refrigerator to put her food in it and doing so would warm up all of the current food, ruining everything perishable, my roommate still planned to go grocery shopping today. In today’s world, refrigeration is essential, and keeping food cool when there is no heating or air conditioning is essential. For this reason, it is crucial to keep the fridge door closed as much as possible in order to preserve our food. My associate and I are hoping that the power and water will be restored within the next hour or two so that we can resume business as usual in this field. It’s nice that I don’t need to use the heating and cooling system in my apartment right now because the weather is so mild; otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to live in this apartment without air conditioning in the middle of the summer. It seems like the infrastructure here is in worse shape and has more frequent power and water outages than where I was living in the United States, which is likely related to the lower income level here and the general state of the infrastructure. But in the long run, everything is pleasant.

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