Waiting too long to replace furnace

I waited as long as possible to replace the furnace in my house. I assumed that the longer I kept that ancient heating system operational, I was saving money. I paid for all sorts of minor repairs and wasted my time babysitting HVAC contractors. I ignored the excessive costs of monthly energy bills and lived with a noisy system. I complained that the house always felt chilly and that the temperature varied from room to room and kept hoping adjusting the thermostat would fix the problem. I noticed the dust floating around in the air and gathering on surfaces and grumbled about needing to clean and vacuum all the time. Still, I waited for the furnace to fail completely to finally invest in an upgrade. It’s no surprise that the heating system quit when it was working the hardest. I was suddenly left without heat during a blizzard. The outside temperature was down to twelve below zero. There was a driving ban because of unsafe road conditions and a prediction of three feet of snow accumulation overnight. I didn’t have the opportunity to shop around for the best price, highest quality or ideal heating system for my home. I called around until I found an HVAC contractor willing to brave the elements to help me. I was forced to accept whatever furnace they had in stock that met the requirements of my square footage. I paid extra to have it installed as quickly as possible. The new furnace has made a huge improvement in the cleanliness, comfort and enjoyment of my home. My monthly heating bills are approximately 30% lower than they were and the new system is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

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