Walking outside reminds me how strong our air conditioning is!

I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors these days.

  • Most of our labor is on the laptop, and I do not have to leave apartment to go to an officer to get it done.

I’ll stay apartment for a few days at a piece, and it’s quite comfortable and relaxing. My air conditioning component does a really great job of keeping me comfortable. I do not even really have to set recognizably low temperatures anymore. 72 degrees will do it for me on just about any given day, no matter how hot it is. In fact, it’s really easy for me to forget how hot is outside! I’ll turn on the weather and happen to hear that the heat index is reaching into the triple digits today in our local area. I’ll be sitting there under the cooling power of our air conditioning and barely know it! Then again, all it takes is for me to walk outside and into our front yard for me to snap back into reality! I’ll open our door and get hit with a wave of severely hot and humid air. I’ll guess like I’m walking into an oven! The coolness and comfort of apartment bear’s such a stark contrast to the heat wave outside, that it’s really jarring every single time I open our door to go outside for anything! It just makes me grateful to have such unbelievable air conditioning. I guess it could be better. I’m not trying to say that I have the absolute fanciest air conditioning component possible. However, I’m not so sure I need such a unit; I’m perfectly satisfied!


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