Want a new sales job

Ever since I was a young girl I constantly loved talking to people, then i was very outgoing and our parents constantly said that they could never get myself and others to shut up! Now that I am an adult and have completed a degree in business, focusing on sales and communication, I am now working for a supplier that sells heating and cooling systems. I am the local heating and cooling companies top salesperson. I do a lot of their marketing and go to trade shows and explain to potential customers about the services that the two of us provide. There’s a lot of people that don’t really assume much about the heating and cooling industry and I really try to dumb it down for them especially when I am at the trade shows. I tell people how it’s very crucial to maintain and disinfect their heating and cooling plan at least twice a year by having a local heating and cooling worker come to their home… Having a local heating and cooling worker come every so often minimizes issues that may arise within a heating and cooling system. If issues are not taken care of and are left unfixed even by a easy check from a Heating and Air Conditioning worker, it can lead to giant and costly disfigures. It can even lead to a heating and cooling plan needing a full upgradement. I enjoy to show people images of ductwork and Heating and Air Conditioning systems that are left un-kept and un-serviced. This really gets people sad and wanting our business card, so a heating and cooling worker can come and take a look at their heating and cooling equipment installed in their home.


Heater maintenance