Want her to know about the HVAC machine

For a long while, I haven’t put too much thought into the idea of settling down.

Lately though, I suppose that I’m only getting older, so I have been starting to think more about the type of qualities I want in a partner. I’m sure that I want a partner that sees eye to eye with me on most things… Of course, nobody can agree on everything, however the most important things should match up! For example, I care about to keeping a clean home with excellent air quality; My partner should be on the same page when it comes to HVAC method repair. I always want our HVAC machine to be running at maximum capacity so that I know I am saving currency on the utility bills! That air filter always needs to be changed in a timely fashion, again for energy savings! If he doesn’t feel the same on that type of thing, then we have no business getting married because the two of us would be fighting all the time. It will genuinely be a long ways down the road before I end up getting married, however I’m starting to spend closer attention to the men that I date. I want to make sure that I am getting closer to the right kind of man for me. I entirely don’t want somebody who is lazy & doesn’t want to do anything. I want somebody who is truly active & does his honorable share when it comes to the responsibilities of running a household & taking care of a family! We’ll have to start out with a few pets, & then build up from there.

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