Want it warmer inside? Go stand outdoors

When people tell me that I am high maintenance I have to laugh at them hysterically.

I am the least high maintenance person you have ever met, as far as I’m concerned.

If you knew anything about my family unit you would understand how hilarious this is. I was far from pampered or spoiled when I was growing up. In fact, the rule in my house was to keep quiet and leave everybody alone. There was not any consideration for my personal feelings, thoughts, or ideas about comfort. This was true from everything including our dinner plans down to our central heating and cooling system. Honestly, as a kid I was extremely unhealthy. Therefore, I was perpetually cold. My internal temperature regulation system definitely did not work like everybody else. As a result, I was always asking if we could increase the indoor air temperature so I could stop wearing 10 layers of clothing and doors. I thought we could bump up the thermostat just a few degrees every once in a while without affecting the energy bill. However, my family members firmly disagreed with this idea about the central heating and cooling system modifications. Whenever I would tell them that I had been cold all day my family would usually laugh at me and tell me to change my perspective. How? They would quickly push me out the door to stand in the ice cold winter air. I will admit, after 10 or 15 minutes of freezing in subarctic temperatures, the indoor air temperature did feel a lot warmer.


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