Want to check around on the HVAC

Recently a friend was telling myself and others he knows about his new heating system he got in his home. He moved recently, and the home he got was better than any other he ever lived in. He said that the heating system he had was something called radiant floors in his home. He was saying that the heating bills were a total deal lower than what he was used to. I figured that his house must have been very good with the insulated padding when he told myself and others in our circle of friends how much he was paying for his utility expenses. He was saying a lot of it had to do with the actual heating system itself though because it was severely energy efficient as it was, then not to mention, the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system in the home itself included a smart thermostat control component on the wall in the hallway, which also saved a enjoyable deal of his hard earned currency on the energy bills. He was undoubtedly confusing every single one of us though, because I didn’t understand how a thermostat’s control component could save on the energy bills unless he was lowering the temperature control thermostat’s settings to save lots of good currency. He said he didn’t even have to do all that with what he had in his heating and cooling system. The thermostat itself simply just worked more efficiently as well as allowed the HVAC unit itself to save energy. It automatically picked up on his preferred settings as well as he was undoubtedly cheerful with glee with it. I know I might have to get myself a nice smart thermostat in my own family’s house with the radiant heated floors to see it all for myself.

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