Wanting a warmer home

Do you have a pesky neighbor that will do anything for you to make sure that you are successful and that you achieve your dreams? Well, I am genuinely fortunate to have a neighbor who is like that! To give you an example just recently I have moved to her city for a modern job offer… In the beginning, I told her about this modern job and how it would be a big promotion.

However the main thing that was keeping myself and others from moving and taking this promotion was not having enough cash to stay in a hotel and not having enough time to finding a modern site.

That’s when my good neighbor pushed me to take this job offer! She even offered myself and others her home, she told myself and others that I could stay with her for a few months until I found a modern lake home to live in. I was so excited and within the next month I moved all of our stuff in. It’s fantastic living with your best neighbor because it felt like the people I was with and I were roommates in college once more. However the one main thing that I have trouble with is the temperature that she sets her lake home to. I am consistently chilly and our neighbor hardly ever has the oil furnace on, the temperature is set to exactly 62 degrees and I am literally in layers every day when I’m in the house. I’m concerned to see what she sets her thermostat once there has warmer weather because I will certainly have to find a modern place where I am able to handle our own thermostat. I have no desire to touch her thermostat but I think I’m going to have to mention it to her to see if there has any way we can turn the thermostat up one or two degrees.


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