wasn’t keeping on top of the air conditions in my home

I love hanging out with my friends.

  • A good lesson I’ve learned over the years, is that nobody likes wasting good air quality.

My friends eventually stopped wanting to hang out at my apartment. I didn’t realize what the issue was at first, then I came to realize that my apartment had pretty low air quality. I took a look around my apartment and I could literally see the dust floating in the air. Now that I was aware, it began to bother me. Plus, I found out one of my friends had a dust sensitivity. One friend was telling me that she uses an air purification method in her apartment to take care things like dust. She always has the best looking house. She said that she also used HEPA air filters in her Heating & Air Conditioning. My friend also suggested that I have my ducts cleaned. I decided to do something about this right away, so I called up the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer. I told them that I was interested in having an air purification method installed. When the Heating & Air Conditioning worker was installing my up-to-date air cleaner, I asked him if I could have the HEPA air filters in my Heating & Air Conditioning, like my friend suggested. The specialist proposed that I used high quality pleated air filters so that my Heating & Air Conditioning wouldn’t struggle in the future. After all of this, I found that my friends wanted to hang out at my place again.
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