Waste of time

I totally wasted my time the other day.

My central heating and a/c plan had gone down and I had to call the local heating and a/c supplier to send out a certified heat and cooling system specialist to fix it, and well, they had given myself and others the most deranged time window; They gave myself and others 8am to 5pm! This meant that i had to take the entire day off from labor and lose money, and i was not glad about this.

The heating and a/c specialist ended up arriving around Noon time, right after I ate my lunch for the day. The heating and cooling specialist then went to my central heat and cooling system component and ended up being there for only 20 minutes and was able to fix the issue. I paid the heating and a/c specialist and she was on her way. I could not suppose the fact that I wasted a whole day, not to mention took off from labor for a easy heating and a/c plan issue that took under a half an minute to repair! I was not glad at all! The next time my central heating and a/c plan breaks down I am going to call the local heating and cooling supplier and schedule an emergency Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair call, even if it is not an emergency! I will spend my money whatever the extra money is to get the heating and a/c plan fixed within a few minutes of myself and others calling! Because I never again in my entire life want to waste a full day waiting for these people.

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