Watching hot men work out is great

They look the way they do because so many people are focusing on it.

Some people like to watch cute cat videos. Some people really enjoy documentaries or movies. For me, I love to watch good looking Hollywood men work out. There are multiple reasons watching a hottie with a great body is a fun thing to do. For one, I do get a lot of good workout ideas watching them. Chris Hemsworth for example likes to do boxing heavy work out. Jason Momoa does way more climbing and throwing to build arms. It is cool to see new ways to get toned up. Second, I really enjoy looking at their toned bodies. There is not an ounce of fat on any of the men I watch work out. Every area is like hard marble on them. They really are works of art meant to be appreciated. I realize that their bodies are not realistic. Even with working out hard, my boyfriend will never have abs the way Jason Momoa does. The reason is that those men have personal trainers that work with them on a day to day basis. I bet they have a nutritionist giving them a health plan to follow. They have a personalized chef making the meals according to what the professionals say. They look the way they do because so many people are focusing on it. I know those men have to be jerks too. How could they not? They are beautiful and everything is about them and how they look. It is not a lifestyle conducive to being sweet. They must be terribly self-absorbed, but great to look at.

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