We are all getting cozy

My wife doesn’t really like the cold weather. She grew up in a cold environment, with icy and snowy conditions every winter. She has a jaded view of winter weather. When I suggested going to the mountains for Christmas, she was adamantly against the idea. She came up with a hundred reasons why it was a bad idea. I really wanted to see snow for Christmas, and I hadn’t been skiing since I was a teenager. I begged my wife to take the trip and put her judgment aside. She agreed to our Mountain getaway, as long as we had our own cabin. She also wanted a hot tub, fireplace, and Mountain View. Since she agreed to go away, I was willing to meet all of her demands. I found a nice cabin on a Realtors website. The two-bedroom cabin was halfway up the mountain. There was a pretty decent view from the wraparound porch. There was a fireplace in the main living area and a hot tub outside. The winter cabin was well outside our price range, but I couldn’t say no. When my wife saw pictures of the fireplace, she started to finally get excited for our getaway. I called ahead to the realtor, when we were a few hours away. I asked them to start a fire in the fireplace, and they readily agreed. When my wife and I arrived to our cabin, she saw smoke coming out of the chimney. She was excited to walk in the door and smell the wood crackling in the fireplace. She was impressed with the cabin, and we had a very nice week long getaway.