We can’t agree on the right air conditioner

For most of this year I legitimately was not bothered by the isolation created by the pandemic.

  • I do not have a immense problem with spending time alone and working on my own projects.

I’m a immense fan of having empty mornings and room to pursue my creative endeavors. As an introvert, I do not need to speak to other humans every moment of my life. However, it turns out that even an extreme introvert can get exhausted of this lifestyle. Honestly, I guess section of the problem is being trapped indoors with the same humans for the past year. The people I was with and I are all getting cranky with each other and it is creating family squabbles about everything down to the central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. I never thought that our control unit, oil furnace, and air vents would be such controversial subjects in our lives. However, as time goes on and the outdoor weather conditions changes it seems that our indoor air temperature preferences are becoming a major source of struggle for everyone. Over the summer time I guess people could get along with their air conditioners as the two of us tried to combat the outdoor heat and humidity. There wasn’t much of a question in anyone’s mind about pumping ice cold air through our extensive duct work and air events. However, as the outdoor temperature dropped our diverse preferences for heating settings began to rise to the surface. It turns out, everyone has a unusual opinion on using the central heating method or relying on the traditional wood burning fireplace. For the past month the two of us have been at each other’s throats with harshly warm heads, all because of our stupid indoor air temperature.

a/c worker