We couldn’t stay in the car with the heated A/C

My dad and I decided to take a road trip to our mom’s favorite waterfall to celebrate her passing, and we had the most intense experience when our air conditioner blew out. We were almost to the waterfall when the air conditioner in the vehicle started to push out incredibly hot and smelly air. We knew we weren’t going to be able to stand the rest of the ride with a hot and smelly air conditioner because it was the middle of summer time and blazing sizzling outside, I suddenly looked up some small local mechanic shops and called to see who was available for quick air conditioning inspections and repairs. We drove over to one mechanic and he said we were right to come in because our air conditioner was very close to having a big leak which could have caused it to catch on fire, at the very moment that he gave us the news of the air conditioner, I received a chilling feeling down my spine. I was reminded of the time that my mom made us stop on the side of the road to take a break from driving to our favorite water park. We were so filled with excitement that we were frustrated that he did this, but it ended up being such a charming bonding moment for us all to conserve that excitement and bask in the present moment. I legitimately felt like that experience at the mechanic was a reminder from my mom to be in the present moment so that nothing goes overlooked. There are signs and warnings all around us.

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