We decided to get a new furnace

Last winter got me to think long and hard about my heating system’s ability to keep me and my family safe and warm during the colder months of the year. We have a furnace that is an older model. Despite many nights being sub-zero, the old furnace was able to keep us warm throughout the worst of it. However, that is because I made sure extensive preventative maintenance was done on the furnace long before the cold months arrived. I feel fortunate that our furnace did not to break down turn the worst of the winter, nonetheless, because it is at such an old system. I am starting to seriously consider having it replaced entirely long before next winter arrives. That is quite the expensive proposition, I know. However, my furnace is really getting up there in years, and it seems to need more and more maintenance. I think it may be best to save up money starting now, a few months into the new year, so that we will be able to purchase a new furnace. That way, by the time winter arrives, I will not have to worry about relying on an old and faulty furnace! I mean, it’s probably true that eventually it is going to end up costing more money to try and maintain this old furnace then it would cost to get a brand new one. I am pretty sure it is best to be proactive. Once we have saved up the money, me and my wife will be shopping for a new furnace.

new furnace