We didn’t have heat

When you work in an office environment you always have to be aware of your coworkers that surround you.  When you live down South where the daylight usually shines every day and the heat and humidity can make it difficult to breath some afternoons, you’re not even thinking about the chilly or turning the oil furnace on.  In our office, the air conditioning is always running. Most afternoons both of us dress heavy and have overcoats hanging on the back of our chairs because both of us never think exactly how chilly it’s going to be inside.  The two of us were having a chilly snap where both of us were really getting down to the 40s-30s at night, which down here is actually cold. I walked into work a single day while I was in this chilly snap and almost froze as soon as I walked in.  They had neglected to switch the air conditioning over to the heating plan before leaving the night before. When our director came in and switched the thermostat over to the heater, it wouldn’t switch on. The two of us sat there for a fantastic 5 minutes playing with the thermostat before both of us realized that the heating plan was not going to work.  It was getting colder and colder throughout the day! When our General Manager came in she called the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation that services the Heating and Air Conditioning plan for our building and they arrived within the hour. I saw the 2 Heating and Air Conditioning servicemans out back looking at the air condensers for our building. Hours went by and both of us still had no heat.  Everyone in the office was bundled up in their overcoats and the portable heating systems running to try and keep the office as hot as possible. The only other warmth both of us could find was outside in the daylight because luckily it was a lovely sunny day.

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