We forgot to call the HVAC company

I had to call the HVAC company today.

Spring is just starting, but I want to make sure I have my appointment to have our air conditioning unit serviced.

A couple years ago, I forgot to call the HVAC company until it was too late. We were in the middle of a heat wave and I turned to my husband and asked if he had called about the maintenance. We have a maintenance agreement, but we are both so busy with our jobs that we forget about eating, let alone remembering to call about our HVAC system. The only reason we even thought about who called for the service, was because there was a horrible sound coming from the AC unit. He said he didn’t call because he thought I had called, and I thought he had called. Neither of us realized we hadn’t had the HVAC technician in the house. Maybe we just thought he would go through the gate and into the backyard and then leave us a bill for the AC servicing. The noise was getting as the day wore on, and we called the HVAC company. When the technician showed up, we were so happy to find out that our AC wasn’t breaking down. A leaf had become lodged inside the AC unit. As the fan turned, it was hitting the leaf and causing it to flutter, just like a card in a bicycle tire. We still had to pay for an emergency service fee. At least we were able to schedule our maintenance while he was there, and we put the date on the calendar.

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