We hate when our brother sings about our HVAC concerns

We have an odd brother who loves to sing! He even sings to us when he is trying to tell me something or supply us with a hint.

Lately, he has been coming over to our apartment to visit plus he begins singing about needing to improve the air quality inside the home! At first we didn’t let it phase us, but he came over a couple more times since then plus he began singing a tune about not changing out the air filter to the Heating & Air Conditioning system.

We told our brother that we did replace the air filter properly, plus then our brother asked us about the ductwork system. We told him that he shouldn’t begin singing about a proper ductwork wash, but he just ignored us and went into song. Of course, I began chasing him around the apartment. However, we realized that he was correct and that we had to do something about our apartment’s air quality. He was merely dropping hints through his melodies. He actually is a very talented singer plus he is always working on his vocals. It doesn’t matter if it is through conversation or if he is practicing his melodies, our brother just loves to sing whenever he gets the chance. He’s been in various performances plus he has a dream to make it big one day plus perform in front of countless people. We do suppose that he will thrive one of these afternoons, we just hope that he stops singing to us about our Heating & Air Conditioning problems, that honestly gets on our nerves.


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