We have a question about the ductwork.

I was getting ready to rent out the house that my mom and dad owned.

Dad thought it would make for a better income property than to just sell it.

We did some repairs that needed done, and I did a good inspection of the HVAC system. We had to do some repairs to the ductwork and I also added a Smart Thermostat. Dad wanted everything to be safe and secure in case the renters had children. The first people who came to look at the house, asked about the ductwork. She didn’t like dust and her partner was allergic to everything. He said he wasn’t going to get rid of the ductwork and install a ductless HVAC system just for them. They then had a young couple who was worried about the air vents. They had three young children and it worried them that their babies could be burnt on the air vents. I rolled my eyes as dad told them he raised two sons in this house. Neither of them wore any scars from hot air vents. I wasn’t thrilled with their stuped questions, but dad was quick to shoot them down. The third couple that came in asked if we had the ductwork cleaned lately. He was asking about the furnace and the air conditioning system. He wanted to know if there was a dehumidifier or air purifications system in the HVAC. I told him that the HvAC system was only five years old. I had installed the HVAC system for my parents and it had an air purifier, dehumidifier and a humidifier. We had finally found someone to rent the house.

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