We have an amazing new thermostat

I’m pretty sure that our neighbors who live across the street from us are jealous of our modern temperature control system! That seems like a really crazy thing for someone to be jealous over, but our neighbors are really unusual people.

They are constantly trying to figure out what we have going on over at our house, because they want to keep up with us, but when we got a modern car, they had to go out as well as get a modern car.

When we got some landscaping done, they got landscaping done. When we got modern siding for the house, they got modern siding for their house, it’s pretty annoying, if you ask me. I don’t know why they assume as if they have to do everything that we do, but they must have some sort of fear of missing out. I guess that they were watching us from the window of their lake house whenever the HVAC van pulled up into our driveway the other day. The people I was with and I were having our seasoned temperature control taken out as well as replaced with a modern 1 because it started going on the bfasten. It wasn’t keeping the temperature inside of our lake house at a consistent level most days, but then because of this, our heating as well as cooling bills were going up. I knew that I wanted to get a modern smart temperature control installed in the house. I told our local heating as well as cooling supplier about this as well as they planned to come out as well as install it for us, but I had no idea that we were going to have the unusual neighbors staring at them from across the street the whole time that they were parked in the driveway. It was really irritating when, after the HVAC professional finished, I saw our friend flag him down in the middle of the street as well as talk to him. I’m sure she was asking him to come as well as do the same thing in their house!


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