We have the gym in common

Max and I have been a couple, off and on, since high school.

We have both been married to other people, done all that sort of thing, but we keep coming back to one another.

Even when we aren’t a couple, we are the closest of friends, and I think that is the unbreakable bond that has kept us together for so long. We also have many shared interests, including horror movies and role playing games. It may surprise you to learn that Max and I are both regulars at the local gym, which may be our greatest shared interest. Although we both have our own unique workout program, we both share the same commitment to the process. In other words, we don’t go to the gym because our doctors said so, or to lose a few pounds, we go to the gym because it’s our way of life. Life is constantly changed, through jobs and lovers and acts of god, but the workout program is eternal, an ingrained part of our personalities. This is what many people don’t understand about a rigorous workout program – you start to look forward to it. For people like Max and I, a workout is not a chore, it’s the best part of the day, and going to the gym is something we relish doing. Even when we aren’t lovers, and to be honest we usually are lovers, she will still act as my fitness coach. I doubt we will ever get married, but as long as we have the gym in common, we never need to get married.

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