We managed to lower our cooling bills in the summer months

Here we are again.

I don’t actually believe that anyone is surprised or confused about one thing in our lives.

That would be that it’s the warm season as well as it is incredibly sizzling outside. With all the chaos going on around us, there is something almost enjoyable about having the Summer at least be the same. Granted, most of us are inside the Heating as well as Air Conditioning comfort of our properties a lot more. I miss heading on down to the bar to have a drink in the cool Heating as well as Air Conditioning. But, I really can wait. Instead, I am entirely getting plenty of work done at my place. And thankfully, our trusty Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment is providing the ideal cooling relief to balance the scorching temps outside. But it sure doesn’t come at a cheap cost. In fact, until this year, Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment costs completely hurt our budget while in the warm season. Knowing that we would be inside the Heating as well as Air Conditioning a lot more this year, I made the choice to make some important changes. The first thing I did was to replace all the weather stripping. Then, I caulked every gap I was able to find to easily seal up the property. Next, I ordered a few solar curtains. These things are fantastic because they stop the direct sunshine heating remarkably well. We kept all of those curtains closed while in the heat of the daytime hours. Finally, I easily programmed the temperature control to let the property heat up more during the peak heating hours. We’re just about halfway through the heat as well as we have saved approximately 20 percent on our electric bill. That will go a long way toward helping make ends meet for our family. It’s astounding what you can do with a little effort.

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