We need professional bee removal

I am in the superintendent of the local elementary school. I deal with a lot of unpleasant things with my job. I deal with busing dilmenas, staff issues and calling a snow day or not. I also get stuck picking out boiler systems for the school and determining if we should change our school colors. Those parts are not real fun with the job. The newest task I had to handle was a bee infestation in the school. The bees were making nests under the roof of the building, specifically right by the door. After a spring break, we came back to a huge nest of bees. I had to cancel school because I have multiple kids with bee allergies. Even if I didn’t I can’t expect the kids to brave the swarm of bees. I then had to call for commercial bee removal. I needed a bee removal company that specializes in removing bees from a business. Apparently bee removal in a residential setting is different than a commercial. How the bees nest and where they go is different. Either way, I knew I had to pay more for commercial bee removal. The bee business also was super slow with getting rid of all the bees. I had to give the students two days off because the company did not get to work right away. How hard is it to knock down some nests and spray the bees? Go around the school with a big hose and get the job done. I feel like I could have handled it in an hour.

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