We need some more resolution here

I guess you could say that I am not built for winter.

  • I am a rather small human being with a temperamental internal control unit, to say the least.

I suppose prefer our body temperature fluctuates from sizzling to cold many hundred times each day. However, our general temperature setting is colder than other human beings. I am often shivering, uncomfortably cool, & begging for more heat to be pumped into our environment. However, people do not understand how terrible our internal temperature regulation system seems to be. This is why I was trying absolutely difficult to convince our family that our woodsy cottage was going to need some kind of driveway heating solution this winter. Each year there is a ton of snow & ice cold air to contend with at the family cottage! Generally, nobody is around to worry about the dangerous temperatures or inconvenient snowfall. However, this year both of us are planning on utilizing the cottage despite the uncomfortable temperature. All of us have all agreed to split up the household chores, including decreasing the air filter, feeding the wood burning fire, & shoveling. The problem is… I don’t guess I can shovel the long driveway without catching hypothermia. I keep trying to convince our family that both of us should invest in more suitable heating solutions for the cottage. Namely, a centralized boiler system to heat the condo & radiant heated flooring under the driveway. This way, not only would both of us absolutely be sizzling enough inside however the radiant heated flooring could handle the shoveling for us. All of us could really melt the snow outside using new technology rather than subjecting ourselves to frostbite. We’ll see if anybody has the cool head to listen.

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