We needed a humidifier for this winter bringing very dry air

There is no doubt that this has been the weirdest winter for us.

i has been very different from all of the other winters we have ever had in fact.

This winter we have had minimal snow, very dry air, and warm temperatures. We keep our heat running on low. We do not need the heat to be turned up too warm as it has been fairly warm outside. Our whole family has small problems with asthma and we have all been suffering this year. We are constantly taking our inhalers and struggling to breathe. We have all noticed though that when we are in the shower with the warm water we are fine. The problems all go away. Needless to say we have been taking more showers. It is the time when we all feel best. We tried to figure out a solution. We figured we needed more moisture in the house. The dry air was doing something to our lungs. We called our local HVAC business. They were happy to help. This year many people were calling about similar issues. They suggested to install a humidifier. The humidifier could be put into the system. it could also be put right into the room where everyone spends the most time. We decided to install it right into the system. We figured the whole house would get the moisture this way. We just needed to remember to turn it off when the warm weather started to come again. After we had it installed we all noticed an ease in our breathing. In fact we all had an easier time with our breathing and dry skin.



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