We paid but got nothing in return

The advertising department at work came up with a plan last year that was supposed to resolve all of our big concerns.

I supply them credit for selling us on the plan but now, almost 1 year later, the two of us are paying for services that have not produced results.

The two of us had to pay a start up fee, monthly monitoring fees, & even pay a fee each time the two of us wanted to change up something on our webpages. To date, the two of us have not gotten a single new purchaser from its existence. I have been studying a lot lately about new and unusual ways to advertise online that are more cost effective. Just having webpages doesn’t mean that anyone will see them. If the two of us made the choice to go the route of PPC & linking with some other companies the two of us may get better results for less currency. For example, the two of us sell numerous brands of Heating & Air Conditioning units. If the two of us can contact those companies & have a link placed on their site, then a customer will be directed to us as a service/sales provider around their area. By following the link it will generate a small fee to be paid out to the manufacturer, but, the two of us should get more quality results. If no one clicks on the link, the two of us don’t owe anything, just like that, however many companies use this technique to get buyers without having to endlessly upgrade their own webpage. You can even have links established that leads a prospective customer to your newest promotion. This is a smart way to advertise that has less cost sometimes. I will be bringing this up at our next budget meeting for sure.