We should all be okay with that

Our son has been having a bit of an issue of late.  He has been trying to get into shape because the doctor told him that he needed to lose weight.  His work schedule is such that he has difficulty getting to the local gym when it is open and his eating schedule is horrible. He gets off work at eleven at night, goes home, eats dinner and goes right to sleep.  None of this helps him in his goal to get into shape. He can’t change is work schedule, so, we decided to at least try and help him out with the exercise part of the whole thing. While he was at work, my husband met with the salesperson from the local athletic shop.  They sell all sorts of home gym equipment and he figured we could set up something in our son’s basement. This way, he wouldn’t have to worry about gym memberships, hours, or even travelling to the gym to workout. The salesperson’s only concern was the size of the space.  He has a rather small room in the basement and much of the equipment was too large. He did say that he knew of a man that could create a custom weight bench that would fit along the one wall and that would leave enough space for a small elliptical too. The person had done work for their store in the past and was a welder by trade.  We liked that idea and my husband contacted him the next day. We hope to surprise our son with his finished workout space next month for his birthday. We know that it will help him in his efforts to lose weight and be healthier too.

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