We think we will go for a swim in the gulf to warm our feet

We’re resting in dad’s spare room and are totally shivering. It seems dad has his smart temperature control set to “freeze your kids’ bodies” and we must say that it is quite an efficient system at accomplishing the goal. We want to get up and go for a swim soon in the gulf to warm our bodies because the gulf is pretty moderate now that the tepid weather is coming. Mother Nature has turned on her heating equipment and the entire area’s temperature is rising. We are aware many snowbirds have already left because the coat is pretty clear. Well, we wouldn’t say pretty empty but not as crowded like it was 2 weeks ago. We are driving a rental car and thankfully it has excellent air conditioning because we couldn’t take it if it didn’t. In time, we may need to charge it because it seems to be blowing coolish air and not chilly air anymore. If we go down to the local corporation that does Heating and A/C charging & repairs, we have no doubt they would repair the problem with no hitches. We could get one of those recharge kits at the auto parts store although we aren’t even sure where the fill valve is on these new cars anymore.It used to be you could repair your car with a screwdriver and a few wrenches but, nowadays you need a computer degree and an PC to work on them. We feel quite unsure working on these modern automobiles.

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