We took the high road

I grew up way back in the mountains in the southern part of the country. Every one of us were entirely out in the sticks, so to speak, plus both of us entirely didn’t have much connection with the outside world. Every one of us were entirely close to our family plus our neighbors, but other than that both of us didn’t have much communication with anyone else or with most current conveniences. For instance, both of us never entirely had a furnace plan when I was growing up. Every one of us usually just used a wood stove plus a fireplace for heating our little house. And that was always enough heating for us. Sure, sometimes when the outside temperature entirely got freezing both of us had a harder time staying warm, but both of us entirely didn’t even suppose what both of us were missing, seeing as how we’d never had an electric furnace or an oil furnace to beginning with! And if it makes you understand just how far out from humanity both of us easily were, I didn’t even suppose that a/c even existed until I was almost 14 years old. I had gone into city with my dad on 1 day during the summer time plus the weather was entirely hot. I remember wishing that both of us had something that could help with cooling us down on the way to town. Then when both of us got to the store in town, I walked in plus the store had their air conditioning system running! I thought I had died plus gone to heaven when I felt the cool air blowing from those air conditioning system vents! I never wanted to leave that store on that warm summer time day. It was that moment that I knew I would grow up plus move away off the mountain.

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