We wanted to get away for once

Things have been easily tied up around my house lately and my wife and I have not seen a lot of each other.

That’s why I decided to send our kids to their Grandfather’s house for the weekend, so the people I was with and I could have some much-needed time alone. I made reservations to go to a mountain lake house for the whole entire weekend. I chose the site because of the view of the mountain, alley, and enormous river basin. The people I was with and I took hundreds of pictures from our front porch, because the view was wonderful. The porch was my number one enjoyable part of the cabin, but I also prefer the home office, fireplace, and the hot tub. The hugee hot tub with pretty lights was standing on the porch. It was a nice site to sit and watch the sunshine go slowly down over the hillside. It wasn’t particularly cold during our weekend away, however for ambiance the people I was with and I still got to use the fireplace. It was electric with an accurate heat control and temperature options. My wife and I turned on the fireplace and the associated fan and the people I was with and I set the temperature low. I knowI didn’t need a lot of heat, however the glow of the fake fire and the crackling sounds really made it extra cozy and romantic. The fireplace and the porch are reasons why I would probably return to this cabin. I left a nice review on yelp and google. The prices were also pretty acceptable, however the amenities made this lake house a special and extremely sparse find. On Sunday, my wife and I were cheerful to go home and see our difficult kids, however the people I was with and I could have stayed another week to get more of that good atmosphere.


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