We went to dinner and a show

My wife and I decided to go to dinner and a show last Saturday night.

By the time the last act was over, it was very late at night.

It was a two-hour drive home, so my wife and I decided to splurge on a hotel room in the city. We didn’t want to spend a fortune to have Uber take us to five or six different places, so we decided to get a room at the closest hotel. Three blocks away from the theater, my wife and I settled into a Holiday Inn for the remainder of the evening. We were quite cozy in our room until the heater stopped working. There was suddenly a loud and abrupt sound that came from the heater. It sounded like a truck hit the wall. Then the heater stopped blasting warm air. The room grew colder and colder. I thought the heater would come on any moment, but the indoor temperature continued to drop. My wife called the front desk clerk. The guy said someone would come to the room. Thirty minutes or more later, we were ready to fall asleep and it was 61 degrees in the room. When the maintenance guy arrived, he walked over to the heater and gave the thing a thump with his heavy boot. The heater started right up. I couldn’t believe my eyes and my ears. The guy just kicked the machine and heat started running out of the vents. We didn’t have any further problems the rest of the evening and the bed was pretty comfortable too.

Cooling system