We were all happy with the new radiant floors

I never even thought of getting radiant floor heating until my neighbor told me about it 1 day ago.

All of us were talking about how our feet are so frigid while every one of us were in the Winter times and how painful it can be.

I told him I went through several pairs of fuzzy wool socks while every one of us were in the Winter times because I slide my feet when I walk and they end up with holes in them after a few weeks. It was then he told me about his radiant floors and how nice it is to wake up in the day to moderate feet on moderate floors. I didn’t realize that the heating and air conditioning supplier in our neighborhood installed the radiant floors at such a wonderful price so I went down there to talk to them about it. They said that they could have the floors installed in my flat in less than a week and when they gave me a price estimate I instantly signed on the dotted line. I now have them in my flat and no longer need to wear wool socks. I really will be able to pay for the radiant floors in a couple of years with all of the wool socks that I no longer have to buy! I have my friend to thank for his heating and air conditioning technology advice and will really have to make him 1 of my famous potato pancake lunches soon. A lot of Wintertime afternoons I don’t even need to run the heat because the floors do a wonderful job of keeping my feet warm. Aren’t close friends just the greatest?


a/c serviceman