We were on the way to the beauty spa for facials and dermaplaning

My sister and I decided to go to the beauty spa for facials and dermaplaning.

I was pretty excited about their trip to the beauty spa because it was my first time having dermaplaning performed. I was a little bit nervous about the popular cosmetic procedure, but my sister has had the procedure performed so I felt safe going with her. She knew a dermatologist that could perform dermaplaning in the office and the guy was highly recommended by several people in town. Dermaplaning gently scrapes away the top layer of skin cells that are dead to make the skin look more rejuvenated and clean. While we were on our way to the clinic, we got a phone call from the office manager. She informed me that the doctor had an emergency and had to leave. They were unable to perform any procedures without the doctor and the building. She apologized for the late call and promised that there was an absolute emergency. My sister and I had every intention of spending the afternoon taking care of our needs, so we decided to go to a salon nearby and we had a manicure and pedicure. It didn’t take quite as long as the clinic visit would have, so we went and had coffee when we were done with the manicure and pedicure. I honestly didn’t want to go home until after I knew the kids were done with their homework, but neither one of us wanted to sit in rush hour traffic. We finished our coffee and we went back home early.

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