We were shopping for a new and modern window A/C.

When our window air conditioner equipment died, my fiance and I considered having a central air conditioner installed.

My friend and I bought the window air conditioner equipment when our old central AC equipment died and my associate and I liked it.

The electric bill was much lower that summer, and my associate and I didn’t notice a sizable difference in how the window air conditioner cooled the house, over how the central AC equipment cooled. My fiance looked at me and asked if I thought it was necessary to put modern central air conditioner equipment in the house. I was enjoying the lower electric bills, especially now that electric rates had doubled over the last year. The cost of electricity and the cost of modern AC equipment was going to be more than my associate and I budgeted for. I knew window air conditioner units were more overpriced, however my associate and I could use the same AC equipment my associate and I had, for less than a thousand dollars, and my associate and I wouldn’t need to spend money on someone to do the replacement. My friend and I wanted modern window air conditioner equipment for our kitchen, and one for the main living area, and my associate and I would be comfortable for another ten years. My friend and I knew my associate and I were going to need to shop around for the best price on the window A/Cs, however my associate and I didn’t mind. If it was going to do the task the other AC equipment did, my associate and I were up to a little extra shopping. It took less than a week to find the perfect window A/Cs for our home, and they were definitely cheaper than my associate and I expected, and more efficient.



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