We were working very hard

I recently renovated my workout room. It was originally an office with ancient HVAC, linoleum flooring and old equipment. I have gutted the room completely. I removed the big window air conditioner and several space heaters. I tore the floor up and installed hardwood over the top. I then added some athletic mats over top and bought some brand new fitness equipment for myself. I decided to have radiant floors installed in there. I was already ripping up the floors and I needed some type of heating. Putting down the electric heated mats was not difficult with the floors already opened up. I just had to figure out cooling. I decided to hold off on a cooling system since I spent so much on the heating. The radiant floors are wonderfully efficient and totally amazing. The heated air does not simply rise straight up to the ceiling. Every surface in the room is warned. Since hot air it is not being blown into the room, the indoor air quality is better. The main issue is that I like the radiant floors a little too much. Every stationary object in the room is heated as well. My stationary bike, treadmill and weights are always nice and warm to the touch. When I start working out, this feels wonderful. I don’t worry about pulling muscles and can easily warm up. But, after about several minutes of running, I am a sweaty beast. Doing ab crunches and ups on the flooring can get me very overheated. Doing a work out on a heating system is great way to get sweaty. I think I should have gotten a ductless mini split instead.

Cooling equipment