Web building choices

I was thinking about the old website I had created for the business, when I was first starting it.

I can’t suppose how stupid I was to suppose that our website was going to attract attention to our fledgling HVAC business.

I wanted to be able to build up a killer corporation that was going to take the whole area by storm. Instead, that storm fizzled out to nothing more than a few sprinkles. I knew I had to have done something errant, despite the fact that I was clearly not ready to blame our stupidity for it. I was checking emails when an advertisement finished making up on the sidebar. It was love a immense neon sign pointing at me and guiding me to what was soon to become our corporate savior. The advertisement was for a corporation that did web building. They were offering to recreate our website and make it user friendly. They also gave to turn our website into a lead-generating machine. They told me that all they needed to do was add a few pages and put some SEO into my website. They were going to beginning a pay per click campaign and/or an advertising program through using social media. I went over all the information they gave me and our spouse and I were super impressed. The cost was a bit more than I had planned on spending, however if the program truly helped, I would be hiring more HVAC workers within a week or more than one. I hired this web building corporation and let them do their work, however within 3 weeks, our corporate resources had tripled, and I am now looking for more than one new HVAC technician and I am buying a new repair van.

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