Web building was not my forte, but it was my brother's.

My brother was a whiz when it came to web building.

Of course, he should have been more than a whiz because he went to school for web creation. After four years in college, he was able to help me create my website and get it running. I was loath to ask him for his help when he first came home from college. When we were growing up he was always a bit of a stuffed shirt. He was stingy not only with his money, but with this time. He thought that since I wasn’t going to college, I was beneath him, and he made it quite clear that was how he felt. Now however, I owned an HVAC company that was doing quite well. I just wanted to create a website that would help me to grow even more. I felt there was a lot of information that I could impart my customers through the website. When my wife was talking to my sister-in-law, she told her how I was trying to build a website for my HVAC company. She asked my wife why I had not spoken to her husband, my brother, and asked for his help. My wife was unsure how to answer, so she said that I probably hadn’t thought about it. I thanked her for being so diplomatic with her answer, to which she simply laughed. The next day I called my brother and asked for his help with my website. Thanks to his web building skills, we are now working together. He runs all of my online advertising campaigns and maintains my website, while I run the HVAC company.


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