Wedding tech rental for backyard birthday

I am not a traditional girl when it comes to getting married, then all our friends did the big pale white, birthday with the flowers, tons of bridesmaids and a live band, and for me, I wanted to do something small from the comfort of our own home, and my house has a giant backyard with tons of flowers… I wanted to get married right there and only have close friends and family at it.

Afterwards, we could grill outside and hang around inside if the weather did not permit outdoor fun, the snag I had was trying to find a great location to do the actual ceremony.

My yard was substantial, however the turf was not so great. The ground was uneven, mostly sand and would look exhausting in the photos. I thought that our future hubby would have to build me a stage to stand on for the main event. I was not actually ecstatic about this since then I would own a giant wood platform to never use again. I then went online and looked up birthday stage rentals. Apparently you can rent birthday stages quite cheap. The stage can be somewhere from 740 to 1500 for the morning. The stage could just be a giant box or have peculiar levels. The color of the stage also could be peculiar as well. The stage rental supplier was actually professional and they set it up on the big morning. It took them a few hours and up went our pale white birthday stage, then what was nice is that after the ceremony and pictures, I used it as a mini dance floor for anyone feeling fun that morning.


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