We’re hosting a Superbowl party but our HVAC system is on the blink

Next week, we are planning on hosting a big Superbowl party for some of our friends but our HVAC system has been on the blink for the past few days. Ever since we have been living in our house, we’ve never really had any issues with our heating or air conditioning unit. However, of course the week that we were going to be hosting a big party, we ended up having issues with our heating unit. We knew that the weather was going to be brutal that weekend, and there was really no way that we could host a big party if we didn’t have a working furnace. The furnace was acting really weird, too. It would come on and then go off again without us even touching the thermostat at all. The issue that we were having with our heating system really started to be of concern to us when we realized that there was supposed to be a big cold front moving through our area close to the same day as our party. We knew that we could put a fire in our gas fireplace, but that probably wouldn’t be enough to keep our guests warm the entire time during the party. We ended up calling our local HVAC company to have them come out and work on our heating system for us so that we could go ahead and have our party. When the HVAC technician got to our house, it didn’t take him very long to get our heating system repaired. I’m glad we went ahead and called them so we don’t have to worry about our guests freezing at our party.

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