What else can I do to take care of myself in this weather?

There isn’t much that can be done about how hot it gets here in the summer.

It’s hard enough to just survive the day, even if you work in an air conditioned office or somewhere in the shade. Since I work as a public pool lifeguard, I spend my entire day sitting in a lifeguard chair, roasting in the hot summer weather. I have a thin umbrella riddled with holes to provide some shade, but that’s it! I would kill for a fan, or even a portable air conditioning system that I could keep near me in the lifeguard stand during my shift. I know guys that work at indoor pools in the city, and they tell me about how awesome it is to work indoors. During the winter, their indoor pools are heated – so it’s never too cold to swim. During the summer, they have a ductless mini-split system running to keep the entire place perfectly cool! It’s so comfy in their work environment, though the trade-off is that they have a much stronger chlorine smell. Since I work at an outdoor pool, the air quality is always much better. I remember when one of my coworkers told me that they were going to bring their portable cooling tower to work one day, just so we had some kind of A/C. Apparently, a portable cooling tower is just like a portable space heater – but of course, it provides cool air instead of warm air. I hope he’s serious about bringing it in, and soon! Something like that sounds like a real lifesaver with this relentless heat constantly leaving us dehydrated in the summer.

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