What happened to the HVAC company?

Last year, when I had to call the HVAC company to do the servicing on my air conditioning, it took me nearly a month to get a technician to the house.

  • I was glad that I had called them early, or I may not have had the servicing done before summer.

I understand that sometimes the HVAC company can get busy, but I thought it was ridiculous to take so long. I even told the guy that I couldn’t understand how they could stay in business. This past spring, I called the HVAC company to have my service done. It floored me to hear they had gone out of business. I knew they were slow last year, but I didn’t expect them to just close up the business. I was scrambling trying to find another HVAC company that would do my servicing. It also worried me since I had a service and repair agreement. Was the new HVAC company going to honor that service agreement or was I going to need to buy one from the new HVAC company. Those agreements weren’t cheap. I finally found an HVAC company that would service my air conditioning unit. They offered to honor the remainder of my service agreement, and they even signed me on as one of their customers. They were kind enough to include my furnace in the maintenance and repair agreement. I’m not sure if I’ll be staying with this new HVAC company. They are a bit more expensive than the old one I used. Then again, the old HVAC company just closed up on me without any warning and this one is working under their maintenance agreement.

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